About us

In  2011  I   bought my  first  cat, siberian point (seal  point) named  Tamny.   She turned  out  to  be an extremely charming kitten and I fell in love  with her at once. My female dog, chocolate dachshund, did so as well.We loved to play together and would go for a stroll near the  place  we live. Tamny followed us like a  dog and came to me whenever I called her. At  that time I did not think  about a  cattery, but then  I saw  her...........I   saw  another Neva Masquerade kitten. She was pure white with a  pink nose and funny  glasses- like mask and it was then that I thought about starting  a  cattery. Without thinking a lot  (  I  hardly  ever do  it  when I am strongly emotionally touched by something and right now I was deeply impressed ) I made a  call  and  arranged to  buy  her. This  is all the  truth about my cattery. The decision was made  within one day but  I now know, I should  have done it a long time  ago. Lusia has grown up to become a real beauty,  and  like Tamny she  has lovely character. , 

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